Just Business Mission of GTA San Andreas

Just Business Mission of GTA San Andreas

The game has a character called Big Smoke. He challenges fair business. And this is the subject of our article.

You can play it from a place called Inglewood. This is the place where Big Smoke lives in San Andreas. He will give you the task of destroying the mobsters. To start Just Business, go to the red marker in front of Smoke’s house. It will also trigger a mission and a scene. In the cut scene, you’ll see Karl Johnson go into Smokey’s house and call him.

Karl yells at him many times, but he does not get an answer

In a few minutes, Smoke enters and wishes him and asks him about his well-being. Later he decides to visit a place called City Center. In this short scene it ends, and you enter the game.

Take it to the city center and its location on the map. There will be a car in which you will have to go with him. During his trip, he discusses several actions of gangsters. Tells you how the Grove Street family returns to power and the Dallas gang loses power in gta san andreas download. He talks about some Russian mafias in the city of San Andreas.

If you arrive at your destination, stop the car with a red marker and start a small scene. Smoke reports that some Russian mafias have kidnapped their cousin. Therefore, he came there to save him. He wants you to help him, and this is the goal of the Just Business GTA San Andreas mission.

After that, he asks you if you hear any sound, enter the building to fight against the enemy, that is, in a few seconds you can hear heavy sounds outside. This is the time to enter. Enter the building with the weapon.

Inside you were surrounded by enemies and took refuge. So hide and start killing them one by one.

When you kill everyone, collect money and weapons

This will give you extra money in GTA San Andreas. Then follow the Smoke and it will take you outside to escape by bicycle.

The rest of the enemies follow you, and you have to control the bicycle. Your partner will shoot them. And when your partner kills them all, you’ll pass the Just Business test.

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