How AI-Based Tools Are Transforming Social Media Marketing

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With the advent of social media and avAIlability of a vast and wide variety of data, social media influencer has a lot of work on their plate. Giving more jobs or taking extra workload is not the solution so marketers are exploring the possibility and use of AI based tools to get a better grip on social media.

There are areas where AI has taken up shares for social media,arekting thus having a significant impact in the industry.

  1. Content creation:

In today’s time content is being created at a very high speed. And there is a sharp rise in the rate in which new contents are created. A decade back on an average a brand would do one campAIgn in 6 months but now they are doing close to 4 new campAIgns a month and that’s a lot of content getting organized and created. There are a lot of application which is using AI as source code to create new content.

  1. Consumer intelligence:

Consumer intelligence is very important in this AI generation as using and finding consumer intelligence is like finding a needle in a haystack. AI uses software to blurt out noises and tries to recognize relevant matter related to a brand. Machine learning platforms are gAIning ground because of this reason.

  1. Customer service:

With the avAIlability of AI many institutions are experimenting with the use of chatbots to replace human interactions. The use of chatbots will minimalize human interactions and help in answering customers service own its own, the keeps on learning with each interaction. For instance, conversocial is a platform using this AI technology to help customers get through, social and mobile channel.

  1. Influencer marketing:

There is no doubt that brands have more influence and intelligence on their association with certAIn influencers. This is done so that any future campAIgn will reflect directly to brands DNA.  All the work related to influencing Is done with a predictive quality and now there are a lot of companies who are using AI to make the predictive a bit much stronger which would not be possible with human interaction. Insight pool is a platform that searches million of social media influencers to find out a brand that fits a company’s characteristics.

  1. Content Optimization:

Social media has a lot of data which need to be sorted. And you have to go through thousands of articles to a news or story worthy of getting high ratings. A renowned American newspaper uses a and AI that goes through the articles which they received throughout the day to sort out and get the most important news of the day and which deserves to get more time or promotion.

  1. Sales and Promotion

Many e commerce companies are scrutinizing and accessing social media and web browser searches to find out what the customers are really searching for and what they want. Many companies use AI and SEO techniques to manipulate searches and to find out what customers are mostly searching for, accordingly they are creating offers and promotion to maximize their website traffic and maximize sales. For example Shopclues Cashback and TataCliq offers

Well, the beginning of the use of AI has already begun but social media marketers won’t be giving up their guns and leave everything to AI just yet. But with the invention of these tools can sure benefit them in long run and they can definitely increase their sales and marketing strategy more effectively.

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