3 Types Of Bunk Beds Your Kid Would Never Refuse

metal bunk bed with trundle

Bunk beds have always been a very popular choice since it was invented. They have been used in multiple places such as summer camps, army, navy, hostel dorms etc. But in the past few years they have become a very popular piece of furniture in our homes too. And the reason is the tremendous change in style of these bunk beds.

Normally a bunk bed is a piece of furniture consisting of two beds, one above the other in a parallel manner to form one unit. The upper bed is accessed with a ladder and is barricaded with a wooden railing from preventing the sleeper to fall off. This is helpful mostly because it saves space and helps accommodate more people in lesser space.

So, this was the basic structure of a bunk bed, but over the years there has been quite a change that has made the looks of the bunk bed much more interesting, being one of the reasons to its popularity amongst the kids. Types of bunk beds you might consider purchasing:

  1. kids bunk beds trundle- trundle means to move or cause to move with reference to a wheeled vehicle. Trundle bunk beds do not need a ladder to get to the top bunk. The trundle bunk beds look like a normal bed that has another plank of bed stored under it. This plank of bed can be rolled out when needed and otherwise it could be again wheeled in. It basically works like a drawer.
  2. Bunk beds with couch– these are bunks in which the upper bed remains like expected but the lower bunk is replaced by a couch. This way one could get their very own bed and a couch in the space and money of one. These kinds of bunk bed couches are generally poplar amongst grown up kids or young adults who have been staying far from their home. This gives them comfort and luxury both at the same time that too at a very reasonable price.
  3. Bunk beds with study table– again in this kind of a bunk, the upper bunk remains the same that is accessed by the ladder. But the lower bunk is replaced with a typical study table with drawers and a place to sit and study. This is liked by parents and kids both because parents are able to save up some money and provide their kids with a separate study table and also save some extra space in the room. While the kids find it a very interesting piece of furniture.

So, be it metal bunk bed with trundle, or bunk beds with an attached couch or bunk beds with study table the choice could be yours but there is no denying that this will be absolutely loved by your kids. If your kid’s birthday is coming up soon, or you wish to gift something to your kids this children’s day then you know exactly what to give. So, buy one immediately without wasting any mor

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