What Do You Mean By EMS?

Muscle Stimulator Machine

The physiotherapy is another branch of medical science that deals with different movements and pain in various body parts. To ease the patient, from such a painful condition and relieve from it, there are many devices used by the physiotherapists. There are different types of devices used for different medical conditions such as stretching of muscles and tissue injuries. With the change of technology, one can notice the change in these devices also where new devices with more features are introduced to the field. In this age when these devices have proven their usefulness, one needs to know about them in a little depth so that in case one needs to operate it; he can do so easily.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS is a branch of physical therapy which is used to relieve a person from any sort of muscular-skeletal injuries. For example, any damage to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The EMS can be used on athletes or completely immobilized patients as a strength training tool or prevention tool respectively. Gaining its prominence in the last few years, The EMS unit is slightly different from the TENS units and is not just used to relieve pain.

How does an EMS unit work?

The muscle stimulator machine which is also another name of the EMS units is anelectronic device which works through a battery. The electrodes which come in strips are attached to the muscular region of your body. The impulses which are generated by the device are passed on to the muscles through the strips attached to the skin. These impulses basically mimic the action potential that is imparted by the central nervous system thus causing the muscles to contract.

The muscle stimulator machine alleviates the physical pain and relieves a person from muscle atrophy. More than that is increases the circulation or flow of blood in the body that making a person more fit and increasing their range of motion. The TENS are also a kind of muscle stimulator which reduces the spasms and pain in the muscle by slowing providing a massaging or tickling sensation. This is a portable device which works on batteries. Thus, the muscle stimulator helps in the following ways:

  • It enforces muscle stimulation thus resulting in physical rehabilitation in the initial stages of any injury.
  • Muscle atrophy or decrease in muscle mass is a result of a number of medical conditions. The muscle stimulation can either prevent or slow down muscle atrophy.
  • Osteoarthritis or depletion of joint tissue can be reduced by physical therapy which would ensure mobility and a good circulation of blood. The muscle stimulation can further strengthen knee extensor muscles.
  • Pressure sore problems can be checked through muscle stimulators by maintaining a proper buttocks shape or by avoiding deformities of patients on awheelchair.

Thus, muscle stimulator machine has an array of advantages and muscle stimulator price In India can very well range 200 INR to 12000 INR. The mini stimulators are for individual uses while the bigger ones for hospitals and private practitioners.


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