Pregnancy Planning Checklist

Pregnancy Planning  !

Who would not love having kids? When you have kids at home – the entire atmosphere becomes lively. All the members at home at elated to play with the baby. When we look at various modern studies it has been found that the couples prefer to plan a pregnancy. There could be various reasons – one is the career, the others could be they should be ready to take of the child both physically and mentally. Now planning a pregnancy needs a bit of research and also a visit to your gynecologist.

Once you have found out that you are pregnant test is positive, you will find that your life is never same as before. Your head is spinning all the time, and this includes, the things that you need to prepare which is scheduling all appointments.

There are different types of calendars which are followed across the globe for baby planning. Let us check out few of them –

Chinese gender chart

The Chinese gender chart was founded by the Chinese scientist. It is said that the gender chart was buried in a tomb for almost 700 years. This chart the experts say is the precise baby predictor chart. The baby prediction quiz is based on this chart. The chart has been decided on the basis of lunar calendar. The dates in the calendar are arranged as per various phases of the moon. In the modern times, there have been many variations in the chart for e.g. Chinese Lunar calendar, Chinese Ovulation calendar, Chinese gender predictor, etc. The differences in these charts are negligible but the finals results of the all the charts are the same. The working of the chart is based on the age of the mother and when the mother conceives. This gender chart is used worldwide for better results of conception.

Preconception visit

As a part of the pregnancy planning it is a must to visit your gynecologist before the couple decides to have a baby. The gynec will do a complete medical checkup in order to understand for any problems, issues the couple would be facing. Another most important thing the doctors also check if there are any sexually transmitted diseases. In case required the doctor may ask the couple to stop certain over the counter medicines. In case it has been over a year and the couple has been trying for a baby; then the gynec would recommend for a fertility test. The doctor would help in planning a baby and in case of any complications they would take care of the lady and ensure she conceives.

A lady goes through many pregnancy timeline symptoms. It is through these symptoms the lady can recognize that she is expecting. Some of the common symptoms are discussed in this article. The first common symptom is sickness at any time which is commonly known as morning sickness. But this sickness can occur any time during the day. The lady gets the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Feeling of fatigue is also one of the symptoms. The lady feels very tired in the 1st trimester. This is mainly due to change in hormones and the lady gains weight.

Thus, while planning the pregnancy – it is important to understand the different cycles of the gender and fertility chart in order to have proper conceiving.

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