Making money as a sperm donor

sperm donor

There are a few ways to make legitimate money. If you are a man, then this place is the best for you. As the title suggests you can make good money by being a sperm donor. The cash is in front of you without having to working long hours. Sperm bank Navi Mumbai along with donation of sperm has been there for a long time now. Hereby we will be discussing about each and every aspect of sperm donation. So, read it and go on to make money as a sperm donor

The process of sperm donation

By now all of you might have seen the movie Vicky Donor and then we need not explain what sperm donation is. But we will explain it in short as you will donate your sperm to a sperm bank. This sperm will be used to donate for a female in relation to insemination purposes. You go to a clinic and donate sperm, for your time and effort you are paid in cash. There is nothing to crack your brains here as it is simple and we just ran over it.

Legal aspect in India

Yes, sperm donation is very much legal in India and for this the sperm bank in Navy Mumbai are surviving. But there are a few things which you need to be aware of as a sperm donor. To put it in simple terms a sperm donor has no rights to claim the custodial claim of a child because he came into this world because of your sperm. Though the law tends to vary in each and every country, this is a point that you need to consider before you plan to become a sperm donor.

What is the point of view of the society along with your family

First and foremost, before you plan to become a sperm donor you would need to consider a few things in mind. The first thing is that you are not going to tell your family, friends or relatives that you have become a sperm donor. It is important to understand that the society will not have a positive view towards donating sperm. It may be a good way to earn some part time money, but you cannot consider it as a full-time job. For sure I am aware that your family members will not be happy if they come to know that you have donated sperm. They would not be aware of what the process and it works out to be a challenge to explain it to them what it is. Hence you have to keep in mind whether to tell them or not as most of the donors tend to keep things secret.

Who all need the process of sperm donation

Once you are done with the issue of dealing with the society along with your family, you would need to be aware of who needs your sperm and why.

  • Straight couples-If a married couple is not able to conceive because of infertility or other reasons, then they tend to look for a sperm donor
  • Single- this is the second category who look for sperm donors. They do not want to get married but seek parenthood and for this reason they look for donors
  • Lesbian couples – also tend to look for sperm donors.

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