Products of Cable and Electrical Accessory Manufacturing Companies

India is a country where there is development of different types of industries. These industries require constant supply of electricity to run the factories in a proper way. So, the companies which produce cables and electrical accessories, are also in a way doing good business. However, to supply the cables and other electrical accessories, these companies also has set up their factories which manufacture cables and other electrical accessories. These companies have their factories all over the country. The products of these companies are also delivered to clients throughout the country and abroad. They use the best and latest technology that can help the client to fulfil their requirements in a desired manner. There are various standards set by the industry as well as nodal agencies as per which the products must be provided so that the ultimate aim of the buyer can be fulfilled.

Products of these companies

The products of these companies are produced under expert guidance. They are packed and delivered in such a way that they can satisfy the customers to the best possible way. The products of these companies include polymer insulators, polymer surge arresters, joints and terminators, separable connectors, switchgears, lugs and connectors, FRP/GRP products and other accessories. These companies also produce mechanical connectors and lugs. The quality of the products are always maintained. This is the reason that the clients of these companies have huge amount of trust on these companies. The companies are also able to maintain their fame.


Mechanical shear head bolt lugs

This product has a wide range of application. These can be used with almost all types of connectors and materials. The head will shear off when the torque moment requires it. No crimping tool or torque wrench is required for the functioning of this product. At the edges the connectors and lugs are chamfered. These products are lubricated with special grease for proper functioning. These products are mainly made of aluminium or copper alloy. These are mainly used to avoid crimping methods. These can be used for low, medium and high voltage.

Mechanical shear head bolt connectors

These products also have a wide range of connectors. They are also used with almost every material and connector. Like the mechanical shear head bolt lugs the head of these products will also shear off when required. For these products also, there is no need for any crimping tool or torque wrench. These products are also lubricated with special grease. These products are tin plated to avoid any type of corrosion. These products provide the best medium voltage cable splicing Jointing solution. These products are also manufactured keeping in mind the international level. The products are best for low, medium or high voltage of electricity.

Keeping mind about the needs of the customers of both national and international level, these cable and other electrical accessories are manufactured at a very high level of quality. These companies do not compromise about the quality of the product. Thus, they have gained the trust of the clients.

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