The Miraculous Benefits of Neelam Gemstone

The gemstones not only have an aesthetic appeal but also help any individual in many ways. If chosen according to sun sign and horoscope, the gemstone can bring unprecedented positive results in the life of the wearer. It is always recommended to buy a gemstone after consulting the astrologer.

Neelam gemstone which is also known as blue sapphire is considered as one of the most beautiful as well as effective gemstones. The gemstone is believed to offer instant results by way of wealth gain and prosperity or by offering a solution to a problem. As per Vedic astrology’s belief, the Neelam gemstone is the stone for planet Saturn. The planet Saturn has been recognized as a karmic planet, and it is said that the Saturn phase in the life of any individual can either make or mar the life of a person. There are many years since when this stone is much known for its miraculous effects on the mind, soul and body of the wearer and the Vedic Astrology experts strongly recommend wearing the stones that can help one keep away from the malefic effects of a concerned planet.

Stone Neelam price depends on the quality of the stone which is determined on the basis of cut clarity and finishing of the stone. The price of the stone ranges between Rs.2000 to Rs.200000/ karat. The gemstones can be easily bought from any renowned jeweller as well from any online shop with authentic certifications.

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About Neelam Gemstone

  • It has been said that the blue sapphire should be worn after consulting from an astrologer and pick a flawless stone since the gemstone can bring negative effects if chosen otherwise.
  • For getting maximum benefits from the gemstone, one should buy a stone which is free from chemical or heat treatments.
  • The cut, shape, size and clarity of the gemstone is most important as it determines the price of the stone along with astrological significance.
  • It is believed that for maximum benefits, one should buy a gemstone which is at least 1/12th in karat of the total weight of the wearer.
  • Experts say that Ceylon blue sapphire is the best gemstone if the goal is astrological benefits.

Panna Stone online shopping can be done from reliable portals with lab certifications. The original Neelam gemstone’s price should ideally be around 21000 per karat.

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Advantages of wearing Blue Sapphire

  • The gemstone is believed to offer best from every situation.
  • The stone brings back money, luck, and auspiciousness in one’s life along with blessing with favourable circumstances.
  • The gemstone helps immensely to people who are associated with business and trading.
  • If the Neelam stone suits the wearer, it will bestow abundance and prosperity on the wearer’s life.
  • People associated with oil, fuel, paint and iron tools can gain maximum benefit from blue sapphire.
  • The stone also enhances the metabolism rate and boosts the energy of the wearer.
  • Neelam can help people who are going through malice effects of planet Saturn i.e. Shani Dev.

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